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The Gynecologic Oncology Center at the North Shore Cancer Institute specializes in treating cancer and precancerous conditions of the female reproductive system. We are one of the largest and most comprehensive gynecologic oncology centers in the region.

Our patients benefit from the Center’s coordinated teams of specialists who are nationally recognized leaders in the field. Our multidisciplinary approach encompasses the full scope of diagnostic, therapeutic and treatment options and includes surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, pathology, oncology nursing, social services, and cancer genetics. The result of this collaboration translates into a personalized treatment plan based on your uniquely individual treatment and emotional needs.

Gynecologic Oncology Cancer Treatment

Our Center is staffed with experts in the latest technological treatment advances that include minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotically assisted surgery, laser therapy, hormonal and investigational chemotherapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). Your quality of life is paramount, and we prescribe therapies with “life after cancer” in mind. For example, women in their reproductive years that are diagnosed with cervical, ovarian and endometrial cancers are treated with fertility-sparing techniques whenever possible.

Gynecologic Oncology Research and Clinical Trials

Our nationally recognized gynecologic oncologists are at the forefront of research in the early detection of ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. As principal members of the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) — a National Cancer Institute sponsored organization conducting and coordinating research in cancers of the female reproductive system — our Center participates in important clinical trials that give you access to the most contemporary treatment alternatives and approaches to increase the prospects for a cancer-free life. In conjunction with the North Shore-LIJ Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, our Center is actively involved in developing blood tests to accurately determine the absence or presence of early stage ovarian cancer before it manifests, as well as ongoing translational research programs for all gynecologic cancers. We are also involved in leading-edge programs in the prevention of cervical cancer through regular screenings and the identification of precancerous cervical lesions associated with papilloma virus infections.

Program Highlights

  • Surgery ExpertiseLIJ Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital have been designated as Academic Centers of Excellence for minimally invasive surgery in gynecologic oncology and gynecology by the American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery (AIMIS).

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery, whether laparoscopic or robotically assisted, is advancing healthcare for women by providing doctors new tools to accomplish the same goals as they would with traditional open surgery. Most patients undergoing minimally invasive procedures experience less pain and blood loss, decreased scarring, fewer complications, faster recovery and a decreased length of hospital stay.

  • Ovarian Cancer Research — Our researchers and clinicians are active in the field of ovarian research. The Breast and Ovarian Cancer Specimen Bank serves as a vital resource to discover and validate new biomarkers for early detection, prediction of disease course and outcome, treatment response, and risk of relapse in breast and/or ovarian cancer. Efforts to simultaneously study both breast and ovarian cancer are unique and place us at the forefront of cancer research. To date, several hundred people have contributed to the specimen bank. Preliminary results of this study have been presented at several national and international meetings.

Cancers We Treat

Premalignant and invasive cancers arising from the uterus, cervix, ovary, fallopian tubes, peritoneum, and vulva.