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Finding out that you have cancer can be a stressful time for you and your family. The specialists at North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute are ready to help with support and all of the tools and information that you need to make the best treatment choices.

Learn About Your Disease

Learn about the cancer you have, how it is diagnosed and the range of treatment options available. A basic understanding of your condition will help you make informed decisions and prepare you for your first appointment.

Find an Expert

North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute offers experts for nearly every type of cancer. Many of our specialists are regionally, nationally and even internationally known in their area of expertise. Learn more about our cancer experts.

Make an Appointment

Make an appointment at the North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute to meet with one of our highly experienced and compassionate team members.

Preparing for Your First Appointment

Read about the forms and medical records you may need to bring, send in or fill out advance of your first appointment. Some other helpful tips for your first visit include preparing questions for your doctor, bringing a friend or family member and reviewing maps and directions in advance. Learn more about preparing for your first appointment.

Find a Clinical Trial

The newest and most promising treatments may be available through clinical trials, which are research studies that test how well new medical approaches work in people. These studies test new methods of screening, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of a disease.

Support Groups

Support groups allow you to connect with others who are going through the same experience and empower you to move beyond your diagnosis and face the challenges, head on.

Counseling and Social Work

Social workers with special training and experience in the needs of cancer patientsare an important part of your multidisciplinary care team. They have a broad understanding of cancer and can help you learn important coping skills. Learn more about our oncology social work services.

Insurance and Billing Information

Your insurance provider should be able to give you the details of your health plan. It is important that you be informed about any referrals that are needed, the amount of coverage you have for different exams and procedures and whether you will be liable for any co-payments, co-insurances or deductibles. You can also explore financial help and options if you don’t have insurance. Learn more about insurance and billing for your appointments.